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"That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving and tell of all thy wondorous works."  Psalms 26:7

The Edwards have received testimony after testimony of people healed and set free by the demonstration of the Holy Ghost operating as He wills. Romans 10:17 says, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." That is why we would encourage you to share your testimonies with us, if God has ministered to you through Ricky Edwards Ministries. The more you hear what God is doing in the lives of your fellow brothers &  sisters, the more faith will rise in your heart to receive what you are believing for. So, let faith arise as you read on and see what the Lord has done!

Look What The Lord Has Done!




My wife Ruth and I have been attending FWC in Pawnee for many years now, and as soon as we stepped foot in the door you could feel the presence of the Lord. I have seen countless healings, prayers of need, and my wife and I have been prayed over many times. God has worked miracles through that Church and Reverend Ricky and Pastor Sally live by what they preach. My brother Martin had been thrown off a horse and couldn't hardly get around. His hip was out of place and he wasn't doing well. Reverend Ricky prayed over Martin and the Lord had told him to run around the Church. Martin ran around the Church, and the 1st time it was kind of a cripples limp, but the 2nd time he started feeling less pain and he was actually almost jogging, but the 3rd time it was a full bore run and he has been healed just as the Lord told him he would. He hasn't had an issue since that day. Martin and his wife Kathy have been going to the Church for quite a bit longer than my wife and I have. Martin and Kathy asked us to join them for Church, so we did. We haven't left since the 1st day we entered that Church. Martin and my late father-in-law Phillip were helping me build a house, and Martin would minister to me while we were working. Everyone that goes to Church there has something that they can offer you. If your looking for a Church, and you want to grow spiritually, then you have found one. This place is amazing and its only going to get better. God bless you.

Leonard Engle

Pawnee, OK


  Received this testimony today, Nov. 12, 2013.

"Interesting thing happened Saturday monring.  Rev. Ricky prayed over my neck Friday night. Saturday morning when I was brushing my teeth I realized that my bite had changed! I thought, 'Hey, I went up for prayer concerning my neck!' All my life I have had a clicking jaw.  The dentist said it was TMJ (whatever that is...Too Much Jabbering maybe? lol).  My jaw has changed and is in alignment now! God is Good!!!"

Laura R.

“Since I was a young child, I have had hearing difficulties. Twice, during my childhood, I had to have tubes put in my ears. Once, a doctor said that if I didn't have my hearing corrected with tubes that I could be deaf by my teenage years. Tubes did help but the hearing loss continued. It had gotten so bad that I was instructed by my boss at work that I had to see a doctor. That next Sunday, Pastor Ricky, not knowing what was going on, called me and after a word of knowledge, laid hands on me. One of the things he said was that every day my hearing would continue to get better and better. Almost immediately I could tell a tremendous change. My ears popped and things were extremely louder. It seemed like everyday for the next week, my ears would pop, which by the way is something my ears have just never done. I can go into high altitudes and my ears won't pop!) but they started popping and just when I thought things couldn't be louder, they were. In fact, one ear was so open that the other one felt like it needed to catch up! (which it did, Glory to God!) Then I started noticing noises I had never noticed before. I would have to ask my husband what it was and it would be simple things like, the dog drinking water, the air conditioning kicking on, the vehicle running,etc. I never knew you could hear your vehicle running while you were driving, in fact, I usually never did even hear it start! I didn't know you could hear the air blowing through the vents at the church. In fact, I play the sax for our praise and worship team at church and never while I was playing, could I hear the other saxophone playing on the other side of the stage, I never could hear peoples prayer requests and testimonies from the congregation, in fact, I sometimes had a hard time hearing Pastor while he was preaching with a mic on, but not no more Glory to God! I don't have to turn my head to the side to hear with my "good ear." I don't have to turn around and look at people's lips while they talk! In fact, I don't even have to be in the same room as the other person talking now, I can hear! But that's not all the testimony! You see, those tubes they put in my ears when I was 8 years old should have come out but one of them didn't. In fact when I made it to the doctor he said the tube had grown to my ear drum and I would have to have it surgically removed. So, I called Pastor Sally and asked her if I could believe that the tube dissolved so I wouldn't have to have surgery. She said, "If you have the faith." So I said, Ok and that next Sunday I had hands laid on me and I told everyone from that night on, "When I go to the doctor, he won't be able to find the will be gone!" Couple of weeks later, I went to the specialist who confirmed he could NOT find a tube. I even had him double check and sure enough he said it was not there! I told him we had prayed and what God had done and he said, "Well if your faith can move mountains, it sure could move that little tube out of the way!" And that it did! Glory to God! In fact, he said my hearing was so well that he couldn't believe I was there to see him for hearing loss! God is so good!

Pawnee, Oklahoma

 “Hello & Praise God I'm still here & able to say it. In recent years, I really haven't had anyone to write to, but I felt I needed to tell someone about the blessings the Lord has sent my way lately. When RITA arrived here, she did so with a vengeance. My little travel trailer ( my only home) was on property I am renting, with a mobile home about 30 feet away. The evening of Sept. 23rd, I prayed, pleading the blood of Jesus over the mobile home, not thinking to do the same for my trailer. During the night, a few small limbs fell on the mobile home, doing no damage, but my trailer was destroyed by a tree that fell on it (with me sleeping in it.) (To shorten this, I'll leave out unnecessary details.) I now live in a 32' trailer with amenities too numerous to mention. More than five years ago, I paid $200.00 for my trailer. I am now living in a $15,000.00 trailer, and have received grants totaling more than $13,000.00, with MORE blessings to come. Praise God & thank Jesus."

Woodville, Texas

" Bro. Ricky came to Fellowship Church the second week of April. We were very blessed and the meetings continued for two extra nights. We learned so much from the Word of God and are still soaking it all in. Bro. Ricky moved in the prophetic and imparted a spiritual blessings into our lives. We can still feel the excitement of the Holy Ghost. Several healings took place and they have asked me to relay these testimonies to you...

  • One lady had multiple sores on her gums and they were causing her severe pain and embarrassment as her face was continually swollen and she had lost teeth. She had no money to have this problem taken care of. She was healed that week and came to church Sunday reporting no problems in her gums at all.
  • A teenager was healed of a shoulder problem. He had been out of baseball since the season started. After Bro. Ricky prayed for him he went back to playing baseball with the coach's full approval and no pain.
  • One night while Bro. Ricky was praying he gave a word that some of us had sinus problems and had been stopped up, but if we would just walk in what we knew, what we had learned then the Lord would heal and begin restoration in that area. Personally, I had been struggling with allergies and sinus problems. I had been stopped up for three weeks and had been using nasal spray three to four times per day when it called for two times daily. I had been using it for the three weeks when it recommended only three days use. This was in addition to prescription nasal spray. That night the Lord told me not to use the nasal spray. I went to bed without it and slept through the night with no problem. In fact the next morning my sinuses began to drain. It took a few days but they drained completely and I have not been stopped up since. Praise God."

Fellowship Church Woodville, TX

 "We recently hosted four meetings with Rev. Ricky Edwards as the guest speaker. The topic of his message was “Increase”. We happened to call these special meetings for Bullhead City, “Days of Increase”.

Rev. Ricky Edwards gave an extremely anointed presentation of what the Scriptures say about giving and receiving, tithe and offerings. The teaching gave instruction of what the tithe and offerings are, where to give, when to give, and how to give. This teaching can only be described as “meat” from the Word. The meetings ended on Sunday night and two days later we began hearing testimonies from people.

  • One man made the statement that he’ll never be able to withhold his tithe and offerings again.
  • Another man told us that there was so much he didn’t know about giving and receiving. He had thought when the Pastor taught on tithing and offering it was to benefit the pastor only. He never believed there would really be personal blessings.
  • A particular woman told me that God had already been dealing with her about eating her seed. When Pastor Ricky shared the Word she understood why it was so important to not eat her seed.
  • This couple came in my office today so excited about their shopping trip. After the meetings her grown children sent her $100. She was changing jobs and needed some new clothes and found over $300 worth of clothes for $100.

We expect people to continue with testimony after testimony of the goodness of God in their finances."

Pastors Tim & Barbara
Spirit Life Church, Bullhead City, Arizona

"I went to church, but only out of habit. I knew I needed to change my life, but I never did. I went to Youth camp and God changed my life. But then about two weeks later I was doing the same old things that I was doing before. Parties, drugs, etc... could not fill the void I had in my life. Just hear recently I rededicated my life. I now want to go to church! I love the Lord with all my heart, and I know if I was to die right now I would go to Heaven. My life is straightened out and its all thanks to God!"


"In the fall of 2003, my eight year old daughter, Maegan, was diagnosed with several heart conditions...a bleeding valve, an enlarged left atrium, and several other serious problems. Immediately the doctor ordered that she not be allowed to participate in any physical activities. We then had her taken out of her tumbling class, cheerleading, basketball and all activities during Live Wire's, our church's Children's Ministry. Soon after we received the news, hands were laid on her by Pastor Ricky and a word was given to me. I knew that night that God had everything in his hands and under control. I knew Maegan would walk in divine health and not be destroyed by the enemy. Two months later we went to see the Cardiologist where more tests were to be taken. When the tests were complete, the Cardiologist looked at me and said, 'I have no idea why the doctor sent you here!' There were no symptoms left of any kind of heart conditions! Glory to God!"

Pawnee, Oklahoma

"During a time in my life when I was out of fellowship with God, I contracted Hepatitis C from a used needle. When I was diagnosed, in the Winter of 1999, the doctor said my liver was severely damaged and because it was so far along, the only thing he could do was place me on medication that would slow the disease down and hopefully prolong my life. I had heard that God could and would heal but as a baby Christian, I didn't have the faith to believe for my healing. I knew that I had to build my faith so I began attending church regularly. One night when the Pastor asked for those who needed healing in their bodies to come up, I stepped to the front. That night I knew I received my healing but I continued to build my faith in the Word of God. A year later, I felt led to go back to the doctor and be retested. After the tests were complete the doctor said, 'There's not one trace or one symptom of Hepatitis C in your body, in fact there's not a trace that there ever has been!' When I came back to the Lord, I came out of a sin stricken lifestyle but God, in His great love, showed mercy and today, I walk healed by the power of God! Thank you Jesus!"

Pawnee, Oklahoma

"When my daughter Lily was 4 years old she was having a lot of back pain. We took her to our family physician where he examined her and took x-rays of her back. When the reports came back, he told us that she had a severe case of scoliosis (curvature of the spine). He then directed us to a specialist in Perry. Immediately after the report was given to us we continued saying, "we're going to have peace about this and we're only going to believe the report of the Lord". When we told Pastor Ricky about the report, he asked us if he could pray for Lily to be healed and of course we said yes. We then went back to the specialist in Perry, x-rays were taken again and this time, the Doctor came back and told us that he didn't know why we were there because Lily's back was completely straight! Since then, she has never had another problem with back pain! God is so good."

Blackburn, Oklahoma


"Glory to our God! I and my family are so blessed to sit under the Word and the anointing on Rev. Ricky both in the Beaumont and Silsbee Tx. area. I received healing in both my knees as the Word was being preached! I had torn muscle that the doctor had said would require surgery if wearing a knee brace didn't fix the problem within 3mths. At the time of my healing I had worn the brace 5  mths. and I was in so much pain. Attending one of the meetings I decided that knee brace didn't go well with the outfit I was wearing and didn't put it on. The Presence of God was strong. I noticed when we left that I had no pain. Usually a trip to the grocery would leave me hurting. I saw my knee brace when I walked in our home....the Holy Ghost told me to leave it off! That was several weeks ago and though the enemy tried to rob me each time I just said," thank-you Father for healing my knees!" the pain would INSTANTLY  leave! Glory to God the last night of Rev. Ricky's meetings @ Word of Life Church I RAN! JUMPED! DANCED in the Holy Ghost....totally pain free! God has restored not only my knees but my confidence in His unfailing Love!"

Jamie Haga