Service Times

Sunday Mornings:
10:30 AM

Wed. Evening:
7:00 PM
Explosion Youth:
7:00 PM
One Way Kidz:
7:00 PM

* Children's Church begins at 10:30 AM & is available for children ages 4-12 years old. Our children's church leaders are Chris & Angie Brumley. Each Sunday morning they bring forth a lesson that each child can understand & relate to, while presenting it to them in a fun way that they won't forget. The Brumleys are endeavoring to build upon the foundation of Christ, that you, as parents, have begun. Their hearts desire is to see that each child grow in their realtionship with God, learn to enthusiastically serve Him & enjoy living this good life, that He has given us. 

* Nursery is provided every service for ages 0-3 years old. Here at FWC, your children are our priority in our nursery ministry & it is our desire, to ensure that every baby is loved on, cared for & nutured in the the things of Christ. 




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Our Vision

At One Way Kidz Ministry Our Vision and desire is to see children take the Word of God that has been instilled in them and in turn be able to travel through this life in victory. We want to see our children grow up and take the paths that God has laid out for them instead of becoming sidetracked and missing a road in life that could lead to their spiritual and physical destruction.


Our Mission

At One Way Kidz Ministry we realize that Life is like a highway and as we travel through this life there are paths that God has created and laid out for us to follow but there is only ONE path that leads us to our ultimate destination... Our Mission is to teach children that there is only but ONE way and His Name is Jesus!

In Proverbs, it says that "The path of the righteous grows brighter and brighter." Therefore we will endeavor to teach and lead our children down the right paths so that along the way, when the road twists and turns and warning signs are given, they will choose the right path to follow, so that they can live in victory and in the end their destination will be no other than a place in Heaven with Jesus, for HE is, "The Way, The Truth and The Life." (John 14:6)

Our Goal

Our Goal is that these children will not only come to know and follow the path that God has laid out for their lives, but that they will continue down that path throughout their life.

It is also our Goal that along the way they will learn the road signs of life. They will learn how to YIELD to Jesus, how to STOP the devil in the Name of Jesus, that there is NO DOUBTING because Faith Never Doubts, that Jesus should always be FIRST and Faith is always REQUIRED. They will learn how to WALK in the Light of the Word and will come to understand there is DANGER on every side if they don't WATCH their words and that they should always use CAUTION because they will have what they say!