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Partnership is a covenant between two people, that when entered into, creates a bond between them where they share one common goal and together, they join forces to reach their one objective. Our objective: to bring forth God's message of healing, hope and deliverance through the demonstration of the Word and the Spirit.     

Here at R.E.M., we have entered a New Era and moved into a realm where the glory of God is being demonstrated in a greater degree than it ever has before. We are traveling faster and farther than ever before, and seeing more lives touched and healed by the power of God. This is all because of our partners here at at R.E.M.

We realize that each one of our partners, whether a Word & Spirit Partner or an R.E.M. Partner, are ALL VITAL members of our family. These partners are the ones that help us to fulfill God's  plan for this ministry, and it is with your prayers and financial support that we are able to take the Word and flow in the demonstrations of the Spirit.

Now, you may ask, "Why should I partner and give financially?" In Phil.  4:15, Paul writes to the Church at Philippi and says, "Now ye Philippians know also, that in the beginning of the Gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated (partnered) with me as concerning giving and receiving, but you only." We later read in this same chapter, Paul explaining to the Church at Philippi that God promises them a supply (v 19). We see that God cannot get the supply to you unless you have first given to Him. What greater way to give to God than to help those who have a commission of God to take His Word to the world.

It is with our partners financial support that we are able to keep our vehicles on the road and make sure we have tickets to fly when needed.

This is just the beginning of how God is going to use this ministry to touch His world, and your partnership is how this is continuing to be made possible