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Service Times

Sunday Mornings:
10:30 AM

Wed. Evening:
7:00 PM
Explosion Youth:
7:00 PM
One Way Kidz:
7:00 PM

*Kids 4-12 are dismissed following Praise & Worship on Sunday morning Services to go to the specified Sunday school classes to be taught the Word in a fun and practical way. 

* Nursery is provided every service for ages 0-3 years old.





What's Explosion Youth Is About?

Our Vision:

Our vision is to teach our kids that God just needs one hungry heart to set the world ablaze. We believe that the youth of this generation are not lost to drugs, partying and mediocre relationships with God. We believe this generation belongs to God! We know that God has in store for this generation things that men of old only dreamed about.

What we teach a lot on is the "whys" of our faith. It is great to know that God is a healer, but why would He want to heal me? The same goes with faith, love and prosperity. We know these things are in the Bible, but why are they relevent to me? Knowing why you do something is just as important as doing it! So we take the Word at its fullness and put it simple and teach our kids how to practically apply it to their lives.  


Now that you know what we're all about, we invite you to come on out. We have fun while also learning how to grow closer to God. We would love to have you and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!


Charlie & Sommer Edwards, Youth Leaders
Charlie: (918) 285-6339 & Sommer: (918) 285-0111