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Word of the Lord through Rev. Ricky
at Family Worship Center

Pay attention to what the Holy Ghost is saying:  "For you see as He speaks unto you, He will only speak what the Word of God say's, says the Spirit of the Lord.  And as He speaks what the Spirit and the Word says unto you, as you hear that and do that you shall be blessed in all of your deeds.  That means you'll be empowered to increase and come up to another place.  Many of you desire to step up to a new place - this is a key.  This is a key.  Hear and do!  Hear and do!  Hear and do!  And your house will stand during the time of the storm.  Glory to God, and the storm will not be the deciding factor whether or not you stand, but you hearing and doing the Word will decide, and you'll stand.  Glory to God.  And you'll be able to tell others how to stand and great shall be the cause of rejoicing in your life, and many will come to know the goodness of God through this testimony if you will pay attention to what the Spirit of God says.